Top Urea Fertilizer Supplier

Since 2000, Lugisa Group Pty Ltd, the top urea fertilizer supplier has been offering agricultural consultancy services to increase agriculture production and farmers’ revenue in particular. To ensure the effective transfer of new agricultural technology, our firm maintains constant contact with farmers.

  • Nitrogen content is higher.
  • Because the supply is natural, the production costs are low.
  • Storage that is non-flammable and risk-free.
  • Wide range of applications, including many crops and soils.
  • Crops and soil are unaffected by the pH balance.

Why We Ranked In Best Urea Fertilizer Suppliers?

The primary purpose of urea fertilizer is to supply nitrogen to plants to encourage green leafy growth and make them appear lush. It also helps plants with their photosynthesis. Urea fertilizer is mostly used for bloom growth because it can only offer nitrogen and neither phosphorus nor potassium. Urea fertilizer is a water-soluble, high-purity nitrogen fertilizer that promotes the healthy growth of your indoor flowers, lawn, and garden veggies. It stimulates green leafy development. With our high-efficiency Urea fertilizer, you may achieve luxuriant growth in your home garden. Urea is more than a high-nitrogen fertilizer; it also creates brilliant colors for tie-dye and batik applications.

Why Choose Us?

With our experience as a urea fertilizer supplier, we have been in the agricultural and farming industry since 2000. We are well-versed in the complexities of tin production.  Mindful of market needs and user requirements. We have all the personal and financial resources required to structure the finest urea fertilizers. We are consistently on the lookout for novel approaches and techniques to manufacture our urea fertilizers to meet our clients’ requirements. In Ukraine, we have a registered name as the top urea fertilizer dealer. As a result, we have a diverse clientele of corporate purchasers that sets us apart from the competition. We can handle orders from all agricultural and farming corporations.


Every member of our team, from employees to dispatchers, reflects professionalism. We, as a top-notch urea fertilizer supplier and wheat bran wholesale suppliers, know exactly what our customers require. Our professionalism makes us a prominent name in the industry.